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Alcohol Problem

 Alcohol, when is it a problem?

alcohol problem

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Almost everyone drinks an alcoholic beverage once in a while. If you start drinking more and more or more often, you can become dependent on alcohol.

As a woman, you drink too much if you drink more than one glass a day. As a man, you drink too much if you drink more than two glasses a day. Even if you drink alcohol more than five days a week, you drink too much. One glass of alcohol is understood to mean 250cc for beer, 100cc for wine and 35cc for spirits.

What does alcohol do?

Alcohol has a different effect on everyone. If you drink alcohol, it enters the blood through the stomach and small intestine. It is then spread throughout the body. Eventually our liver takes the alcohol out of the blood again. This takes about an hour and a half per glass of alcohol. There is no drug that can shorten the breakdown time of alcohol. Strong coffee doesn't help either.

If you drink alcohol you can experience the following effects:

    A change in behaviour and mood;
    difficulty concentrating;
    reduced responsiveness;
    reduced vision;
    having to urinate more often;
    increased appetite;

Alcohol and pregnancy


Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can be very harmful to your unborn child. Even the occasional glass can cause permanent damage. For example, mental retardation or growth retardation. Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

What can the doctor do for you in case of excessive alcohol consumption?

If you want to drink less alcohol or stop drinking altogether, your doctor can provide you with guidance and advice. So contact your GP if you drink too much and want to quit.



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