Boris Johnson should probably stay in home quarantine longer - Boris Johnson should probably stay in home quarantine longer |

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Boris Johnson should probably stay in home quarantine longer

 Boris Johnson should probably stay in home quarantine longer 

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to remain in home quarantine for longer than the prescribed 7-day period, according to his spokesman, because he is still experiencing "mild symptoms" of Covid-19 disease.

That news became known after Britain, with more than 500 new deaths, has had its toughest day in the corona crisis to date, and the British press is harshly critical of Johnson and his government.

The Times describes the current situation on the front page as "chaos" and Metro calls it "ridiculous" and these are heavy words for newspapers that are normally quite positive about the government.

There have been a total of 29,474 confirmed coronary attacks in Britain and 2,352 people have died, the Department of Health reports.

More tests promised

Prime Minister Johnson is under increasing pressure over the lack of preparedness for the outbreak, as Britain lags behind many other European countries in both testing and medical facilities.

His spokesman said Thursday: "We recognise that more needs to be done in terms of testing and we need a significant increase in the number of tests".

Some 10,000 people are currently being tested every day, while the Prime Minister is aiming for 25,000 tests a day. And even with that, the British would still be far behind Germany, where 500,000 tests are done every week, more than 70,000 a day.

According to Johnson's spokesman, two new test labs will be opened next week in the north of England and in Scotland, next to the recently opened test lab in Milton Keynes.

Johnson had hoped to be able to get back to work on Friday, April 3, but because he is still experiencing coronary problems, according to his spokesman, this will probably not succeed.

He announced last week that he was infected with the virus that causes Covid-19 and has been quarantined in his official residence at 10 Downing Street ever since.

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has also tested positive for the coronavirus, but he is expected to reappear in public for the first time this Thursday evening, April 2.



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