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10 tips to lose weight quickly and healthily

10 tips to lose weight quickly and healthily


Do you want to lose weight in a healthy and easy way with a lasting result?

You don't lose weight in a healthy way by starving yourself and putting yourself on a crash diet. Exactly not, more than 65% of the people who have followed a heavy diet are back to their old weight within a year, often even heavier.

But how do you lose weight in a healthy way? You don't eat less, but you eat differently!

In this article I explain how to lose weight in a responsible way through 10 important tips. Follow these tips and lose weight by itself.

The 10 tips from this article:

  1.     From processed to natural food
  2.     Eat less carbohydrates
  3.     Choose slow (complex) carbohydrates
  4.     Eat a lot of dietary fibre
  5.     Eat lots of vegetables
  6.     Eat sufficient fats
  7.     Eat enough protein
  8.     Avoid sodas and fruit juices
  9.     Avoid stress
  10.     Move

1. From processed to natural food

If you switch from a diet with highly processed products to natural food, you will certainly lose weight. Natural food contains important vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs.
Highly processed food means weight gain

Processed products such as parcels, bags and cans come from industry. The food industry adds sugar to many products. Even in products where you don't expect it, such as smoked sausage, peanut butter, canned vegetables, there is sugar. And sugar leads to weight gain.

Also, highly processed products often contain many (empty) calories and artificial additives, such as salt, trans fats, colourings and flavourings. As a result, the content of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres and proteins is low. And your body needs these substances.

In addition, you eat more and more from processed foods and it has a kind of addictive effect.

The result is that you gain weight.

Another reason why you gain weight through processed foods. The artificial additives and sugars have a negative influence on your hormonal balance. Your hormones play an important role during weight loss.
Avoid highly processed products:

List of highly processed products:
Soft drink
Fruit juices
Ready-made meals
Packages and bags for soup or sauces
Herbal mixes
Cereals for breakfast
White bread
White pasta
White rice
Smoked sausage
Choose only natural products

List of natural products:
Unsweetened dairy
Brown rice
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Coffee and tea unsweetened

2. Eat less carbohydrates

By eating less carbohydrates you lose weight in a healthy way.
We need carbs...

Carbohydrates are a source of energy for your body. Your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. Glucose is absorbed into your blood. Then the hormone insulin ensures that glucose is absorbed by all cells in your body. For example, your brain and your muscles need glucose to function.

Carbohydrates -> glucose in blood -> insulin production -> absorption in body cells -> energy
...but don't eat too many and too many carbohydrates...

After eating carbohydrates, your glucose in your blood rises. Your body makes insulin. This reduces the amount of glucose in your blood. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates often, your blood glucose level will go from peaks to decreases.

Eventually, your cells become resistant and no longer react to insulin. Your body will make even more insulin to get your glucose down. Too much insulin in your blood, inhibits fat burning and ensures that glucose is stored as fat. 

3. Choose slow complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are slowly broken down by your body. As a result, the glucose level in your blood remains stable and your body needs to produce less insulin. So slow carbohydrates keep your fat burning on.

Products with slow carbohydrates are natural and contain fibres for better digestion.
List of slow carbohydrates:
Brown rice
Sweet potato
Avoid fast (simple) carbohydrates

Single ones are quickly broken down by your body. This causes the blood glucose level to rise rapidly and your body has to make a lot of insulin. Too much insulin inhibits fat burning and ensures fat storage.

Simple carbohydrates are mainly found in highly processed products. See the list under the heading List of highly processed products for an overview.

4. Eat a lot of dietary fibre

If you eat minimally processed products with slow carbohydrates, you already have products that contain a lot of dietary fibre. Think of vegetables, oatmeal, quinoa and legumes.

Fibres are important for your health:

 They are a source of nutrition for the good bacteria in our intestines and for the cells in the intestinal wall.
    They keep your bowels active.
    They provide a good bowel movement.

Fibres play a key role in losing weight:

They are not absorbed by your body and provide no or hardly any calories.
They absorb a lot of moisture, which makes you feel like you're full. This makes you eat less and it takes longer before you get hungry again.
Fibres stimulate your fat burning. The good bacteria in your intestines use fibre as a source of nutrition and produce short-chain fatty acids. These encourage your body to burn more fat.

5. Eat lots of vegetables
Eat a lot of vegetables every day and vary. Vegetables belong in a healthy diet and contribute to a healthy weight. They are rich in important nutrients and dietary fibres and provide few calories. In terms of quantity, you can easily eat 600 grams of vegetables a day.

Tip: Eat a salad for lunch with healthy fats and proteins. You'll get a lot of vegetables and you'll feel satiated by adding a portion of smoked salmon and avocado, for example.

6. Eat sufficient fats

We've been scared of fat for a long time. Fat is bad and makes us fat. The opposite is true. You need fats to function properly, for example to produce hormones and to take in vitamins. Fats are also important if you want to lose weight.
List of good sources of fat

    Coconut oil
    Olive oil
    Oily fish
    Nuts - seeds - kernels

Did you know that unsaturated and saturated fats are both good fats?

That saturated fats are bad is a claim that has now become obsolete, according to research. You need saturated fats such as coconut oil and butter.
Avoid trans fats, these are bad fats.

These are mainly found in highly processed products, such as:

    Deep-frying fat
    Frozen products
    Margarine and halvarine
    Ready meals.

Omega-3 fats speed up your fat burning

Research shows that omega-3 fats can speed up your fat burning, while at the same time lowering your fat storage. In other words: you burn fat and you don't store it. In addition, omega-3 fats suppress your hunger and help you build muscle.
Eat nuts, seeds and kernels

Nuts, seeds and kernels are healthy. They contain a lot of healthy fats (such as omega-3), vitamins, minerals and fibres. And they help you lose weight. Keep in mind that it contains a lot of calories, so dose your portion up to about 20 grams a day.

7. Eat sufficient protein

Healthy weight loss is achieved by eating food with sufficient protein. By eating high-protein food you prevent loss of muscle mass. Less muscle mass is unfavourable for your metabolism. The less muscle tissue, the lower your resting metabolism. That is why it is important to eat enough protein every day. Proteins also ensure that you burn more fat and that you are less hungry. Protein-rich products make you feel satiated.

List of protein-rich products
Crustaceans and molluscs

8. Avoid sodas and fruit juices
Do not drink soft drinks

Soft drinks are full of sugar. One can of cola contains 35 grams of sugar. Or sugar has been replaced by sweetener, as in light soft drinks. This is no better than sugar, as you might think. Your body reacts the same to sweetener as it does to sugar, with the result that you gain weight.
Do not drink fruit juice

Fruit juice also contains a lot of sugar, in the form of fructose. Fructose is broken down in the liver to glucose. The liver can only convert small amounts of fructose into glucose at the same time. If you ingest a lot of fructose in a short time, a part is converted to glucose. The rest is stored as body fat.
Drink green tea and water

Green tea is a good alternative to soft drinks and fruit juice. This helps you lose weight. It is also important to drink enough water.

9. Avoid stress

Prolonged stress causes a high level of cortisol in your body. This hormone promotes the storage of fat in your body, especially fat around your abdomen. Therefore, try to prevent stress by relaxing regularly.

Go for a walk, read a book, do yoga, go to bed on time, turn off your mobile phone or go into airplane mode.

10. Move

Exercise is not necessary if you want to lose weight. However, it is important to exercise every day for a healthy body and to speed up the waste process.
Advantages of exercise are:

    It speeds up your metabolism
    It's good for your attitude
    It relaxes your body
    It helps you lose weight faster
    It gives you more energy

Tips to move more are:

    Do not order over the internet, but go to the shop
    Walk regularly
    Bike more often
    Take a walk during the lunch break
    Go gardening
    Go outside after dinner instead of hanging in front of the television

Build muscle mass through strength training

Strength training is doing exercises where you carry extra weights. Sometimes your own body weight is enough. Strength training takes care of muscle building. In addition, it is important that you eat enough protein to build and maintain muscles.

Muscles play an important role in losing weight. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn at rest.

Ask your gym for advice.


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