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Keto diet How many carbohydrates can you eat ?

Keto diet How many carbohydrates can you eat ?

The food you can and especially better not eat, you have of course already lined up in a row. This is all very important if you want to lose weight successfully via the keto diet. A keto diet focuses on low-carb and high-fat foods to stimulate a ketogenic state.

Ketogenesis takes place when the breakdown of body sugars can't deliver enough energy to the body. As soon as there are few carbohydrates (sugar, such as glucose) in your cells, your body switches to fat burning. And all this happens when you start eating more fat? Of course this sounds like a walhalla. The most important question will be: how many carbohydrates can I actually eat?

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Focus on 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates a day to keep your body in ketosis,' says Dr. Josh Axe, doctor, chiropractor and nutritionist. After a while when your body is used to the low amount of carbohydrates, you can eat another 20 grams of carbohydrates less per day.

I encourage my clients to approach food as medicine in the keto diet,' says nutritionist Shauna Sacco, to I emphasize the importance of getting enough antioxidants through leafy and cruciferous vegetables. With the keto diet it is important to eat good quality, fresh products with an anti-inflammatory effect, such as grass fed, antibiotic and hormone-free meat. The same applies, for example, to eggs.

No, we don't like to say it, but you'll have to say goodbye to potatoes, bread, cereals and fruit. There's no room for carbohydrate-rich foods in the keto diet,' says Sacco. "Bananas, oatmeal and starchy vegetables, for example. Sweet drinks or sweets, of course, you have to leave them alone.


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