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The advantages of WordPress

The advantages of WordPress

    One of the big advantages of WordPress is that your website is quite easy to expand with all kinds of plugins. So if, for example, you want to link a registration or booking system to your website, or turn it into a kind of community platform where people can log in and create personal pages, or just install a comment function, then be sure to choose WordPress.

    If you want to add a blog to your site, WordPress is also a good choice. WordPress is of course mainly known as blogging software, so a way of displaying individual messages in an inverted chronological order. On the homepage, a standard WordPress site displays the first few lines of the most recent message at the top, and those of previous messages below where the title of each message links to a page where the entire message is displayed, and comments can be placed on that message if necessary.

    But you don't have to use WordPress as blogging software, you can also use it to create a website that looks like a 'normal' website in every respect. In that case, you can still add a blog to your site if you want, but the message overview is not on the homepage, but on another, less eye-catching page.

     You can build a website much faster with WordPress . You don't need to know much about html or css, so your site is much faster. Now it is true that you are probably not satisfied with the standard appearance of WordPress, so from experience I can tell you that it will take quite some time before you are one hundred percent satisfied with the layout of your site.

    The look of a WordPress website is faster and easier to change. WordPress works with so called 'themes', and you can change themes with one click, without any further changes to the content of your website. So if you want to refresh your site after a few years, you can do so much faster.

    You can work on your website with several people at the same time. Everyone who needs to be able to publish texts on your website or post photos can get their own account, with the corresponding rights. That's a lot easier than sending texts or photos back and forth to the person who has to put them online in the end.



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